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although "zut" traditionally means "damn it!" in french, it is also a word that one uses to replace a swear word of any sort in a french fashion, without being glared at for improper or inappropriate use of language.
note to readers: i strongly recomment "zut" to replace all existing swear words due to its remarkable flexability of stretching to other forms.
Person A: Why, hello, there.
Person B: what the zut do you want?
Person A: huh?
Person B: Zut off u zutten zut.
Person A: i am ever so lost.
Person B: you should zutten be. zut up.
Person A: i was merely asking for a conversation.
Person B: zutten hell!! Zut up for the fifteenth zutting time, the zuttled up zut.
Person A: ok...cheerio, then.
Person B: o, by the way, you're mum's a zutty zut. i zutted her last zutten night.
Person A: ZUT!
by frilly fill October 08, 2005
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A mild French expletive; like "darn it". Not quite a swear. Often expressed as "Zut alors!", i.e. "oh, darn" or "darn it, already!"
"Zut! I spilled my cafΓ©!"
by JAG64 March 29, 2016
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The worst curse word in French. Oh, it is so bad. Never le say it.
by Jesska March 24, 2004
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