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Capture the Flag, a gametype found in several FPS games, where opposing teams try to take a flag located within their enemy's base and carry it back to their own to score.
I won the CTF match by 2 points.
by MetaPaladin October 30, 2003
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Cock transformation, abbreviation used on cartoon and furry porn sites to refer to a very specific fetish with porn that involves a character transforming into male genitals and merging with their sexual partner during intercourse.
Tags: anthro, canine, ctf, cum, gay, male, transformation, unknown artist, what has science done

Pr0nFan69: wtf is this ctf shit doing here??
CTFFTW: if you don't wanna see ctf, put it on ur blacklist!
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abbreviation of Capture The Flag, a team game in FPS games where the teams work together to steal a flag from the opposing team's "base" and return it to their own.

Note: this particular game type is filled with "team killing fucktards" who upon seeing a teammate with the flag, will kill him, and try to take the flag back themselves... however 99% of the time this will result in the opposing team reclaiming their flag and the fucktard being repeatedly shot at by the rest of his team, of flamed out of the game
haha! i got you'r flag *runs*
BLAM *gets shot*
You team killing fucktard! you lost us the point AND the game for your glory hunting!
by shadow sword March 31, 2004
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CTF worked on the air conditioner for hours, said it was fixed, but there was no change
by andy1 December 03, 2003
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Stands for "Clogging The Feed."
Referring to when annoying semi-popular people, in an effort to make themselves feel special, communicate via wallpost.

Very annoying and can lead to missing important posts; e.g. "Help! I'm being abducted by aliens! Come save me!"
by minervatroll February 11, 2011
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Can't Type For Shit. Usually used with syndrome on the end for added effect, making it sound more serious.
Sorry for the typo's, I suffer from CTFS Syndrome.
by CJWeasel January 07, 2007
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Cement The Friendship

When you meet someone who you think is cool and you want to be friends with but you aren't properly friends yet. Like a friend of a friend or someone from class or the someone you just met on Bumble BFF
"I just met Alex in CTPR335 and she's dope, I want to CTF with her"
"There's this guy in my English class I want to CTF with but he always comes in late so I can never sit near him"
by xoxo_annag January 23, 2018
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