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When two hands caress the ass in a back and fourth motion
Chad : Mmm! Wouldn't you just love to give Kiersten A Butt Rub right about now?
Kaylee : Uh No!
Chad : Mmm! I would just like I used to before she dumped me!
Kaylee : Well maybe she wanted a boyfriend who wasn't married!
Chad : I remember how she would lay on my bed and let me take her panties off then she would moan as I gave her a Butt Rub!
Kaylee : Uh Gross!
Chad : Then I would flip her over and stick my cock in her pussy! Mmmm!
Kaylee : Why don't you Shut The Fuck up!
Steve : Hey Chad maybe you can give me a Butt Rub im not wearing any underwear! (Wink)
Kaylee : Oh My God So Gross!
Chad : Mmm! That would be great then you can suck my cock! (Wink)
Kaylee : Why im I still here!
Steve : Would you like to join us I can give you a Butt Rub while Chad suck my cock?
Kaylee : HELP ME!!!!!
Steve : Fine you can suck my cock while Chad gives me A Butt Rub!
Chad : Mmm! Sounds like an orgasam!
by SlopNChop August 07, 2018
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What a man and woman should do before sx to stimulate their desire.
Gimme a butt rub, I need a stiffy.
by KawaiiAnime November 02, 2003
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