Getting drunk and posting inappropriate cat dick pictures on Internet forums.
I'm gunna get chestered tonight! TOAK!
by Uncle Chesterwood November 2, 2014
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someone that does not or does not appear to have any boobs.
Emily is what we call a no-chester
She sent me a picture and then I met her and she was a no-chester.
by rhyan B June 4, 2010
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Having a perfect chest that can be loaded with cum. Ample boosoms for hot creamy loads to laid perched upon to show ownership.
Velma is very chesterous with her perk C cup titties.
by Silentgoat February 8, 2017
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A practical thinker. Chester is a writer who loves a good conversation, a long walk in the park and great company. He doesn't open up to many people and finds comfort in isolating his inner thoughts. Chester is protective of anything or anyone that he values. Extremely kind and thoughtful. His the center of everyone's world, you don't need a ton of friends, all you need is CHESTER. He will help, support and encourage you to fulfill your dreams and when your feeling down, his a phone call away. His kisses are soft and heavenly and you sigh the moment you hear him speak. His a gem and the best friend everyone wants to have.
Chester is every girls dream come true. His intelligent, quiet, generous and protective.
by boobless girl January 13, 2018
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this fat chester and his looser friends think they can get along with that arrogant attitude..
by kelamist January 9, 2012
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