orgasam is an orgasm without a spell check.
orgasm, NOT orgasam

P.S. when your words are underlined with a red line, right click it and select the right word, thank you.
by urbanwiktionary October 1, 2009
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orgasam is what you will feel when you are with your sexy lover on the 18th
the orgasam i had was outstanding like being in heaven
by maraudermotorcycle April 20, 2008
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that small kid who plays soccer is really hot
Tracy: Went to a soccer game today to watch orgasam. he's so sexy
by heyityogal144 May 28, 2018
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I am an orgasam doner. Don't beleive me? Well maybee you should ask your mom.
by Ali T April 28, 2003
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when two people are having cyber sex and one of them says something that makes you start air humping
"when they had cyber sex, she got a cyber orgasam when he said he wanted to lick her"
by randomosityrules123 October 5, 2008
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When having doggie style sex, you insert the thumb in the bum making your lover let out a high pitch squeal like a dolphin.
the sound of a dolphin...eck, eck making a Dolphin Orgasam
by Shandrew July 11, 2008
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