A quickly assembled gang of knife weilding Beaners.
If you mess with one bean, you'll get the whole burrito.
by Adrian123 June 06, 2007
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To take out all the contents of a backpack, turn it inside out, and put all contents back in. You must then zip up the backpack with the straps inside, making it look like a lump sack, or a burrito.
Rory's backpack just got burritoed again.
I gotta go burrito someone's backpack.
by The Mystery Burritoer February 28, 2011
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When a man sticks his penis into his anus and passes gas until reaching orgasm.
by Deelite December 31, 2009
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One of those fruit pie that you get that have so much bad stuff in there but are so good. Often wraped in a frosting glazed pie shell.
by hehe vb June 19, 2005
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A sexual act, for the female's pleasure/humiliation. The full act is to fuck her in the ass, the cunt, and the mouth, in that order. The last part is the tasty burrito. See also lasagna.
Last time I banged my ex, I was way pissed at her, so I gave her a burrito.
by StrangePlanet December 23, 2003
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Originally from the country Mexico, is a traditional food along the Mexican citizens. It is made with a flour tortilla (can be a corn one), in which in its inside rests normally beans, or any other type of food.
Depending of the filling inside the tortilla, the type of food goes before 'burritos', i.e. Bean burritos, beef burritos, etc.

In the United States, it is normally served with lettuce, beans, and shredded beef.
"Last month I went to Mexico".
"Did you ate some burritos while in there?"
"Yeah! They were delicious!"
by datsexydolphin June 23, 2013
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