I cant wait until tuesdays to rush down to Del Taco for a wonderful Taco-Tuesday
by bigblondburlyboy October 6, 2005
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A sexual prank performed by the following method: Hit her over the head with a shovel, wrap her in a blanket and bury her.
by bcool1 June 2, 2011
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Literally meaning "Of the Taco". Used to describe a decision made for, well, the promise of pussy.
Dude one: Hey, is Chad coming to our party?
Dude two: Nah, he's going to Kate's house.
Dude one: That's so Del Taco
by That one other OTHER guy February 11, 2011
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a great place to eat...if you like large, healthy maggots in your food, that is. oh and it has shitty service
I just bit into the burrito i got at Del Taco...it tasted like it was older than me and it had maggots in it
by SexyLexie May 9, 2007
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Del Taco Shits are a rectal explosion that happens after eating at Del Taco.
Diz: Whats that awfsome smell wafting into the living room?
CoRiz: Sorry I have the Del Taco Shits...
Diz: Del Taco is at it again...
by dustmo March 2, 2011
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1990's. Group of individuals that consume Del Taco products to the utmost utility and satisfaction. Membership status was obtained after a food item was given as a name to the prospective member. Some believe that taking off the complimentary pickle on the Del Taco hamburger was a rite of passage. Many sects evolved but the most noteworthy was the Star Wars/Del Taco Crew. The original "DTC" Del Taco in La Mirada, California was turned into a terriaki takeout.
The most noteable employee at this location was "meximelt".
The test of gayness was also administered.
"queso run in 12 parsecs"
What a nice Del Taco Crew you have.

by Macho Combo and Mr. Pib September 24, 2003
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The act of eating a large quantity of Del Taco food followed by standing on one's head in the shower and spraying the warm diarrhea into the air covering one's body leaving the skin a golden brown.
I slept naked last night and accidentally gave my girlfriend a partial Del Taco spray tan when I bare-assed sharted on her.
by pre14g January 25, 2011
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