Georgia prison slang for a meal made from Ramen noodles, crushed chips and crackers, and whatever else the inmate can find to add, usually food stolen from the prison kitchen or other items available in the prison store. Also called a "Hot Pocket" or just "pocket". Usually cooked in a potato chip bag or for larger burritos, a garbage bag, and wrapped in a towel or blanket to keep it hot as it cooks.
"we all kicked down and made one big burrito"
by georgiaff December 01, 2006
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(verb) A prank that involves taking a bag (i.e. a backpack or totebag), removing the contents, flipping the bag inside out, and then replacing the contents and zipping the bag up.
Hey, let's go burrito James' backpack.

Dude, he got so pissed when he found out he got burritoed.
by M. Zhou March 05, 2008
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when a white girl has sex with her mexican lover.
white on the outside, brown on the inside ;
Oh wow chickita you are such a burrito...
by Babyfox May 24, 2009
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A substance who's nonexistence would cause suicide on a global scale
Carl: Dude, I want a burrito.
Sean: Yeah man if I go another week without one I'd kill myself
by cox'n'dix October 16, 2010
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