Like an artillery attack, a pitcher who allows more than four runs in less than five innings.
Barry Zito was totally horseshit! He pitched only 4.0 innings and was shelled...allowing 6 hits, 7 runs, 7 earned runs, 7 walks, and 2 strikeouts.
by Giants suck June 18, 2007
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To get outrageously drunk and wake up feeling like you were under artillery attack
"Oh man, I got shelled last night dude."
"Yeah? How do you feel?"
"You don't wanna know"
by BradenWC March 20, 2006
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recognition a di most hype ting i.e.: tune, sound, artist, event,
SHELLINGS!!!", new Riddim from yard!!!
by denverbanton July 21, 2011
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One who is brazen, fearless or disregards the consequences of his/her actions. Crazy, Overconfident, Ill.
Origin:Charlotte, NC - the QC - the Queen City
1. He came in and assaulted the young man openly in public, He is rather "shell"
2. Dude just rolled in and punch my man dead in his grill. He straight "shell"
by Wisdoma Allah July 24, 2003
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Shelling is the removal of finished cigarette ends; ie cigerarette butt tobacco

Typically shelling is to supply the addict with a new cigarette using left over tobacco when a new packet is unaffordable to obtain.

Shelling usually occurs 1 to 2 days before government benefits or a low wage income has been received.

Simply “Shelling” is the removal of tobacco from a used cigarette.

The word Shell’s is used as a singular cigarette butt.
Andrew spent an hour shelling Tobacco from a days pavement sweeping.

“Hi John, I only have shells for our cigarettes tonight”
by pornzi May 6, 2020
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Overratedly high.
Nigga I just faced a blunt of purp an Im gotdamn SHELL as hell.
by Dionja Glover December 19, 2008
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