The act of stealing the covers from one's spouse by rolling up in them.
My wife burritoed the covers last night and I froze my ass off!
by Hosehead January 07, 2004
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Definitively not the kind of shitty food Taco Bell sells and people thinks that's mexican food
John: Damn!! I just saw some big piece of shit on the table!!!
Dave: Dude...That was my Taco Bell burrito
by dirty sanchez January 13, 2005
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a wrap made of whatever you want, wraped inside a wheat flour tortilla (a wrap of corn flour tortilla is ataco)
by A. Máynez October 02, 2003
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The act of wrapping someone up tightly in a blanket so that they are fully constrained and then proceeding to fuck their face
I totally burrito-ed that chick!
by tofujones January 02, 2010
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Meat, Beans and lettuce wrapped in a Flour tortilla. mostly good, except from Del Taco.
by Jkwon February 15, 2005
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