16 definitions by jonas

jonas' boyfriend. he is HARLA dope
jonas <3's lerrick. mmmmmmm
by jonas October 28, 2004
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Matt Sloyballs has a FUPA because his pussy smells like skunky hippopotomous.
by jonas August 27, 2003
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Used to describe someone who is so ugly that they must be kept behind closed doors, not to be confused with cupboardy which is also a word.
Gaffa looks very cupboardly today.
by jonas March 24, 2005
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a group of extreamly good looking guys that excels in many ways among ordinary people
by jonas December 1, 2003
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The act of being a homosexual as well as illiterate at the same time. Also smoking pot and gorging himself with acts of sex fills the person's life full of love and laughter.
Bobby is opening the school for children with Munder Syndrome. a rarity experienced in the hearts of men from San Francisco.
by jonas December 19, 2003
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2 young street fighting agents with a tendancy to smoke a lot of weed, thus giving them super stoner powers
i would have got away with it too, if it wasnt for that fucking Cunty & Ballsack
by jonas March 3, 2005
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dried blood around the lips of a vagina

also the worst word in the english language
Ronnie is a cuntscab for stealing my $20

Kelly had cuntscabs after that rough night in the sack
by jonas March 28, 2004
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