A rolled cigarette made using the leftover tobacco from other unfinished cigarettes.
Unlike other definitions here, this is actually used in the real world.
Australian origin.
Unemplyed guy 1: Fuck I'm outta ciggies cunt!

Unemployed guy 2: Shit, we'll have to roll a bumper.
by Dickhead Savant November 28, 2014
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(Verb) “To Bumper one’s crypto” - A boss move of absolute brilliance where a savvy crypto holder uses the Bumper protocol to shield their tokens from the unpredictable swings of downside volatility.

Derived from the innovative DeFi protocol, this action combines technological prowess with financial wizardry, offering a safety net in the roller-coaster world of cryptocurrencies.
“Dude, I just Bumpered my whole stash of ETH. I ain’t afraid of no bears…”
by Pope_of_defi July 3, 2023
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A small device for dispensing doses of cocaine or crank.
Yo man, lemme see that bumper, I need to get my ass lifted.
by jimmy May 1, 2003
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(London UK black Slang) A woman with realy petruding curves, ie: Enormouse tits and/or giant round arse. My type of woman.
I would love to bone Sherell! She's BUMPER man!
by Kilo Lobo June 14, 2003
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A stupid, incompetent person. Somebody who is totally uncomprehending and unaware of basic requirements in a range of social contexts. Also, somebody who is incapable of performing routine tasks.

Used in parts of Australia as a noun ("You're a bumper, mate!") and occasionally as an adjective, e.g "He supports a bumper football team."
"That bloke is useless, He's a total bumper!"

"He's too much of a bumper to ever work that out!"

"Only a bumper wouldn't be able to do that."

"That's a bumper thing to do!"
by Jay De July 19, 2009
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A kiss ass party classified by a small group of awesomely intoxicated college or high school students. Normally employing loud music, innumerable amounts of alcohol, and the possible, yet probable use of marijuana. ( A small rager).
Hey, we're having a bumper at my house tonight, bring your shit.
by bumpasumpa January 18, 2011
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