1. Group of sexually desirable people. Usually good looking and raunchy.
2. Group of good looking females, usually with ample breasts.
3. Ample and aesthetic breasts. Juggs. Hooters.
1. I got invited to the bumpers party at my school. Whoo-weeee!
2. Dude! look at those bumpers sitting there. Think we should make a move?
3. She removed her bra, man, and one look at those bumpers on her and i almost dropped.
by Brian Eakerous December 15, 2003
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It meens if one of your friends decide other plans without you knowing and dont bother telling u. or where they choose other people over you
jus say u and ur group of mates always did stuff together, then there was a party comin up and 1 of them new but didnt tell ne 1 and went himself that is a bumper
by dale maddocks January 06, 2005
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A bumper bitch is the stupid ass mother fucker who gets in the smallest fender bender accident ever on the busiest street in existence, yet proceeds to leave the vehicle parked in the middle of the goddamn road in complete ignorance or in hopes of several thousand cars behind him slamming on their brakes trying to avoid a catastrophic pile-up.
I just got out of the ICU having broken my neck from rolling my mother fucking car while trying to avoid the goddamn bumper bitch hanging out in the middle of the freeway. Next time I see a bumper bitch, I'll slap that fucker's face from my driver's seat as he stares at me in bewilderment with his head through my windshield.
by Mad Mick! April 24, 2016
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A belly bumper is a person who is unmotivated, lazy and/or lacks any sense of completion. A person who possesses this type of behavior can partake in said belly bumping activities.

A belly bump is also the clear act of two belly bumpers uniting!
That guy just belly bumped his way through work today!

Did you see those guys have an old fashioned belly bump.

He’s nothing but a belly bumper.
by Mowing Money January 03, 2020
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