A word used as a synonym for cool, fun, awesome, amazing, etc.
Person 1: Dude listen to this new song

Person 2: Bro that sh*t is pretty bumper
by Leopard420 October 02, 2019
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A beautiful, attractive ,desirable, of-the-in-crowd person. Someone you can not and should not resist.
She was a bumper this chick was. I had to have her then and there.
by Brian Eakerous December 15, 2003
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To "bumper" refers to the act of collecting food left over by others after a meal in a restaurant (total strangers) and eating it yourself, without concern for potential infection. You do it after they've left but before the bus boy has cleaned up the table.
People have various "bumper lines," i.e., limits to which types of food or drink they're willing to bumper.
True "bumpering" is done regardless of whether the bumperer has money or is hungry. It's a principle-based practice to avoid wasting food. But hunger or poverty can also be major motivators.
"Dude, that couple's leaving behind a whole plate of fries!"
"Go bumper it bro!"

"Hey man, check out this sandwich I got."
"Is that a double burger with only one bite taken out?"
"Oh man, what an excellent bumper."

"You want some of this soda I bumpered?"
"No man, drinks are past my bumper lines."
by brotherofthechamp September 03, 2009
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1) Noun: A homosexual man. Alternatively, a man you know to be heterosexual who will be upset at any more explicit slurs on his sexuality.

2) Adjective: Having effeminate or ineffectual qualities.

Derived from a truncation of "Bum-Humper"
1) "Is that guy a bumper or what?"

2) "That's another bumper hit from Craig David!"
by Stooo March 18, 2003
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Homosexual intercourse; referring to lesbian vaginal sex.
Jackie and Stacy were going bumper to bumper last night...and by that, I don't mean their cars.
by randomlysmart April 13, 2014
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