When There is a traffic jam and the cars almost touch each another.
Traffic Jam
Oh man, look over there: there is a terrible bumper to bumper on that road.
by Marcelo Rodrigues August 02, 2007
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Grabing on to the bumper of a stopped car and then haveing them pull you along as they go. This is done only when the streets are ice or snow covered so that the bumperer can just slide along as the car goes.
It was snowing outside so my friend and I went bumpering.
by sfcjking February 26, 2011
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farting on a girls tongue while she gives you a rim job.
when your girls gives you a rim job and you fart you have now given her a bumper.
by ur mommy December 16, 2006
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The part of a car that collides first in a front or end-on collision. (Americans use the word fender).
My bumpers all bashed after that crash.
by Tom_NZ April 01, 2007
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The act of coming up close behind another driver whether one is in a hurry or just trying to be irritating.
That truck is bumpering me! They keep coming up right behind me too close and it makes me angry!
by Rikijon January 04, 2015
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Slang: A person, usually male, who is 'special', particularly clumsy while multi-tasking (ie talking and walking down stairs). Would benefit with the addition of protective padding, hence the name 'Bumpers'.
Watch your drinks, here comes Bumpers
by Smellyjelly April 03, 2011
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