1. People who wear pretentious artsy clothes even when not attending a themed event.

2. People who are unable to live in the Midlands or the North of the UK because it isn't 'cool' enough.

'Uh-oh here comes a right bright bunch.'


'Brighton'; a small coastal town in the south of England with a disproportionate population of 'artistic' types.
"Uh-oh here comes a right bright bunch."

"He looks a bit fookin bright."

Synonymous with 'The Irony Brigade*' (TIB's)

*regular attendees and destroyers of film events.
by Mr Phenotype May 23, 2010
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A visual effect most people experience after smoking marijuana. Your eyes appear to become more sensative to light as it floods your vision.
You: Look how bright it is outside.
Friend: You've definatly got the brights.
by Knoxville333 March 16, 2007
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Its a word Jamaican used when you get out of hand
Yuh too Bright

Example 1

Sam: I didn't know you kiss a madman.

Pam: you too bright, I wouldn't
by dictonary-friend August 12, 2020
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Bright is like a light a Sunet Sunrise Person who Loves Everyone Has a. big heart Shy Cute Funny when he smiles he lights up the room and always wants to help others and helps is friends but very insecure but he’s still cute
Hey who was that nice guy

: probably bright
by L.T.B January 12, 2019
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