A Bright is a more positive word for someone who does not hold a belief in any supernatural phenomena, mainly used by well-known Atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett.
Person 1: Does he believe in God?
Person 2: No man, he's a bright
Person 1: Oh, me too!
by GuardianGriffin December 31, 2011
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jail term used to describe mornings
leroy woke up nowing he had only four brights left in gulf county jail.
by bert2 February 19, 2006
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the light, but brilliant quality of the high notes of the orchestra. full of power, shrill, piercing.
the piccolo sounded quite bright as it made its entrance over the cellos.
by TranceCrafter July 20, 2018
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(n.), someone who doesn't believe in a higher power.
Richard Dawkins is probably the most famous bright in the world.
by Superbright November 13, 2008
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When something is turnt or lit.
That after party was helluva bright fam. lit turnt
by Gogetterr September 07, 2016
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