an extreme orgasam in wich the woman squirts and catches the light in just a maner that it shines you in the face
girl: hey last night derek made me shining bright
by hi2488 May 1, 2015
A brand of sweet lolita clothes from Japan. Makers of the line Alice and the Pirates, and featured in the movie 'Shimotsuma Monogatari' as the favorite brand of main character Momoko. One of the Japanese lolita brands that will ship directly to the US from their web site
I spent all my money on a new dress from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
by LoliOnAPlane August 22, 2006
Shine bright like a diamond is a song made by Rihanna. It's also associated with Alex Bird.
This song is named "shine bright like a diamond"
by kloiti May 1, 2021
It means, I loved you but I don't want to love you anymore, I've given up because I know I'm going to lose no matter what I do
Men(e.g name) Look at the sky... The stars was shining so bright isn't it?

(e.g name) mahal kita NOON pero ayoko ng mahalin ka pa, suko nako kase alam ko naman na kahet anong gawin ko talo parin ako...
by Star at the sky January 9, 2022