A term to describe police officers in police cars.
Time to leave, the bright lights are coming. I can't go to jail again.
by Brett Laymon April 12, 2007
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term from some shit tier british boarding schools, primarily in thr south west, that kids would yell as a warning that they were getting naked so people would look away
"bright lights!!"

"you looking? god you fucking faggot"
by 123456doit April 07, 2021
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a term used to describe either a white person or a very light colored black person/hispanic person
Can only be used by a dark skined person
Jerone! Look at the bright light! I'm takin her home tonight!
by foxyma October 22, 2007
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a light taht shines in ur eye very bright
A: Look at the bright light!
B:ah! my eyes!
by meredith April 12, 2005
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A very cold night, where a pregnant girls nipples get so hard they pop, and blood and milk spills all over.
O No!! She is about to have a Bright Light Nights!!
by Fuck Face October 16, 2003
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A derogatory term used by black people when referring to a biracial (Light skinned) person.
F*ck those light brights.

That light bright isn’t one of us.
by Samtam2 August 23, 2020
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Females who use default myspace/facebook pictures with a really bright flash to induce the illusion of being attractive in order to get guys to add them. The bright flash makes their skin tone look even, & hides any unsemetric flaws they may have (ie: acne, pot marks, gingervitas). In some cases it can even make the "fright" appear to be smaller in body class. The word "fright" settles in when you go to see the rest of her pictures.
Kuwabara: OH MY GOD!

Yusuke: What?

Kuwabara: That's the fastest i've ever lost a boner.

Yusuke: What are you talking abou.... AHHH.

Kuwabara: I know right? look at her default.

by Ampresandman December 23, 2011
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