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A film released during the last two months of the year with a big cast and 'important' subject matter to attract the attention of the Academy.
"'Good Will Hunting' and 'I am Sam' are sickening examples of Oscar bait."
by creedmoor October 11, 2004

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1. A late night airline filght.
2. A type of whiskey consumed in the old west.
3. Your asshole.
1. "I caught the red eye from Detroit."
2. "Bartender, a shot of red eye."
3. "Put your cheeks together. I can see your red eye."
by creedmoor October 11, 2004

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Word that you frequently confuse with "duty," particularly when you hear it on radio and TV, that causes you to laugh.
Newscaster: "It was his third tour of doody."

Interviewer: "So how long did you sit on jury doody?"

Saloon Keeper: "Did your bullet kill him, sheriff?"
Sheriff: "It was my doody!"
by creedmoor April 23, 2006

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A well-defined rump wherein the upper-buttocks muscles curve individually to form the shape of a heart.
"Man, oh man does Janice have a hot, heart-shaped ass!"
by creedmoor October 23, 2004

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And the "Jeopardy" answer is: "What's brown and runs in the attic?"
Q: What smells worse than Gomer's pile?
A: The diarrhea of Anne Frank.
by creedmoor August 14, 2006

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A test used to determine the smell of a vagina. You get a little on your finger, give your partner a hug and when they are not looking, you smell your fingers to see if you want to put your mouth there.
"I didn't need to give her the finger test. I could smell it threough her pants."
by creedmoor October 11, 2004

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Adj.: Crazy, Off-kilter. A word you use when you can't think of the proper terminology.
"This cockamamie washing machine never works properly."
by creedmoor October 11, 2004

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