a public high school in southeastern indiana

they are amazing at football, basketball (both boys and girls), soccer (both boys and girls), volleyball, track, and basically every type of high school sport except lacrosse. nobody plays lacrosse in indiana.

the guys are hott. like really attractive. because they're all so athletic. problem is, they're about as intelligent as the footballs they practice with, and treat girls like their old gym shorts.

a catfight is not uncommon at all between girls, and the cause is usually a boy. they are super loyal to their best friends and know how to party hard, but definitely aren't the most moral girls you'll meet
hannah: ehhmagawd he is SO HAWT
lane: don't even think about it, he's from east central
by auelsss94 January 8, 2012
Quite possibly the dumbest school district ever, EGCSD has hired some of the most professional teachers and bus drivers. Sexual encounters, touching students in gym class, writing derogatory statements about your boss in shit on the bathroom wall, and numerous teachers doing anything but teach are just a few examples of the fine professional staff. This disease ridden place is notable for the H1N1 outbreak that caused 500+ students to stay home sick on a single day. This is called the H1NFUN outbreak because of the joy that seeing kids sick brought to teachers. Mostly known as that place JWOWW went to. Studies have shown scumbags outnumber everyone else 10 to 1 at Columbia High School which is home to what is quite possibly the worst football team ever. If you were to ask if the football team won their most recent game you would be laughed at for asking such a dumb question. On St Patricks Day shirts are sold that say "Kiss me I'm from Columbia" unfortunately due to false advertising these shirts were supposed to say "Kiss me I have Herpes" the corrected shirts have not yet been made available so beware. This school is also known for poorly named policies such as Operation Electric Thunder which of course was a dismal failure. Not to be outdone by teachers and administrators getting pregnant each class has about 5 people who pollute the gene pool of upstate NY. The school’s dress code is hardly ever followed because teachers enjoy looking at the students dressed like sluts.
Administrator- "I would like nothing more than to remove you from the cafeteria in handcuffs"
primarily because handcuffs are highly erotic

Administrator in response to H1N1- "Wash your hands daily and sneeze into your armpit."

"East Greenbush Central School District, Land of the scumbags" -student