Slang term for "Vice President". In a multi-unit retail company this term is used to define a high salaried company official who constantly dons a black business suit and randomly appears at non-specific locations to crack the nuts of the unfortunate store manager who is assigned to that district. This person is well versed with the proper four-letter words and appropriate venacular to ensure that the manager will never forget his visit and subsequently make certain that every square milli meter of his stores are cleaner than a 12 year old's twat.
Store manager: Guys, I need laborers tomorrow for 8 hours to clean up two of my stores!!

Ops Manager: But uh, this is like your 6th labor request for tomorrow, I don't even think your stores will be open long enough!

Store manager: I can't help it! the stores have to be perfect!! I mean VP's are traveling!!!
by that outside dick December 27, 2007
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Vp: your suspended
BENZ: what the hell did I do
Vp: nothing I just dont like you
BENZ: you know what FUCK YOU
by A guy at st.pauls February 28, 2008
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Those tight spandex pants, also the lululemon pants, you can see girls vagina's through them.
Check out the VP on that babe.
by Noobking December 10, 2006
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The pokemon board of popular english imageboard 4chan. moot created it because the /v/irgins were complaining about all of the pokemon threads on /v/. Also known as /tr/.
Person 1: Hey I need some help in pokemon.
Person 2: You should go to /vp/ and ask.
warning: Do not do this in real life
by Sportacus666 August 28, 2010
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VPS (VultraPrivateServer) is one of the three powerful GDPSs, notable for its large power and disdain for CnekGDPS. Being one of the most interesting GDPSs in terms of history, it is a taboo subject and feels distanced from the more mainstream side of the GDPS community. It has an isolated community that takes a long time accepted into, but this is most likely because of the more hidden aspects of VPS.

VPS is not a GDPS, rather a reflection of Vultra's personality. Any opinions, actions, or thoughts that come from Vultra get amplified and broadcasted by the community. Ignoring whether I agree with these opinions or not, VPS is most likely so distanced because it is a tool, rather than a true GDPS.

VPS is often exaggerated by CnekGDPS, truly it is much less extreme and much less of a pain than the community of CnekGDPS makes it out to be. The cynical nature of CnekGDPS's community combined with the "troubled" past they have with VPS has caused a warped view of reality that prevents them from seeing any good in VPS. My own opinions are definitely opposed with VPS, although they serve a necessary role in the GDPS community as one of the three powerful GDPSs.
Have you heard of that one homophobic VPS member?
by lowercasetildekey July 12, 2021
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"Vagina Pimple" - A vagina pimple isn't too bad, but forms when your pores clog up around your upper vagina area and you first think it's herpes, but its really not.
Girl1: omg.. i think i have a vp
Girl2: a What??
Girl1: like.. not herpes but a vagina pimple :(
Girl2: omg.. gross.. that happens once or twice though so nothing to worry about
by healthslang November 7, 2009
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