The coolest button ever on the Apple Display. The brightness button can fix computer problems, cure cancer, and break ice. It is the only solution to every problem in the world.
**akward silence**
Person 1:BRIGHTNESS!!!!!
Person 2: AWWWW YEAH SON!!
by Fuhtuhwuh Productions April 3, 2009
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A fake expression created by the folks at Burger King in an attempt to make their radio advertisements sound "hip" for a younger audience.
Interviewer: What's next for Ted?
Ted: I'll be at the BK drive-thru... on the bright!
by ferrgus August 21, 2008
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"Brightful" describes a unison of bright and beautiful. It was a word invented by a young girl named Hannah D. who used it to describe a unicorn's unique beauty and magnificence in a poem she wrote in July 2017. When her Father (who is also a poet) shared this with a friend, his friend loved the word so much that she thought it deserved recognition and encouragement! So, as time passed, "brightful" became recognized as a bright and beautiful word all to itself and those in the world who sought to use it, would indeed never look back. It became a favorite word for all empaths and children worldwide, all of whom have Hannah to thank for such a magnificent invention. Thank you Hannah D.! Additional thanks to her Father for sharing her creative brilliance with us all!
Excerpts from her delightful poem help to bring context:
1/ "...a unicorn is simply lovely, of course it's beautiful!

...but the best thing about it, it's brightful"
by Wigglewoo July 17, 2017
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Its a word Jamaican used when you get out of hand
Yuh too Bright

Example 1

Sam: I didn't know you kiss a madman.

Pam: you too bright, I wouldn't
by dictonary-friend August 12, 2020
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A verb; the habitual act of achieving 'blackout' stage. To be brighted your motor skills must be absent, you are completely unaware of your current location and or surroundings and, most importantly, one must have a 40oz Magnum in there posession at all time.
Jimmy got so Brighted last night he found himself half naked in an alley behind JcPennys. Being in a half Brighted stage he staggers home to discover his wallet and cell phone missing. Curious of what happened Jimmy contacts his friends where he then discovers he jumped into an 87 Coupe DeVille late the night before.
by dArKeRtHnU April 9, 2010
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A bright is An extremely handsome or sexy man.He/she has a very kind and cute personality. ABright is loved by everyone he meets and all the girls love his sexy body.
by The bright man December 26, 2017
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Brighting used in Gang Stalking as a form of Torture or Threat
1. Mobile
a. This involves a vehicle parked on the roadside with headlights on facing the subject as he/she walks or drives by. The car may then drive away just after the subject sees the truck/car to further target the subject.
b. A parked vehicle with headlights on in front of the subject's house that drives away when the subject looks out the window.
c. An oncoming car with High Beams on in a location where they should not be used and are not dimmed!!
The above two overt tactics are done initially to sensitize the subject.
Then the brighting may continue by one or more vehicles parked in a store parking lot with headlights on as subject drives by or vehicles parked in their own driveways with their headlights on as the subject drives by.
These tactics are then done many, many times thereafter to torture and threaten the subject as he/she drives by.
c. Turning on High beams in normal driving conditions where they should not be used!!
2. Stationary
This involves shining bright lights on the subject from cars or a neighbors residence through the subject's window. Sometimes a handheld spotlight is used.
When walking or driving down the road, on the other side is a car or truck parked with Headlights ON. As soon as you see this vehicle, it drives off. This is a threat to not go where you are going, which may be your workplace. This is done very overtly at first to assure it is directed at the victim. This sensatizes the victim to look for cars parked with headlights on. Subsequent brightings the vehicle may not drive off. The vehicle may be also be in a parking lot or residential driveway with the Headlights on and may or may not have someone in it!
by MRGs February 12, 2006
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