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a sexual act involving eight or more body parts, quite often requiring hours of clean up. and usually ending with strained vocal cords forcing both partners to talk in a whisper
I received a breathy my life is forever changed, in a good way ;)
by nhs258 November 08, 2008
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full of a light tone, used to describe the higher instruments of the orchestra for their light atmosphere and brilliance.
the upper frequencies of the cello are quite breathy.
by TranceCrafter July 20, 2018
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When a woman is sucking off a huge guy. And he can see that she has some trouble breathing. He will most likely laugh and yell "Breathy!!".
This word was discovered in a Bree Olsen flick.
"Is that more than a mouthfull!? hahaha! Breathy!"
by Johnny Caviar February 26, 2009
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