1)A group of strings-players that come together to play music
2)The most unrecognized group in High School. Like band, there are very memorable experiences that involve losing your virginity and long trips on the bus. Everyone lets loose in this cursed bus. Also, most of the insanity comes from the antics of the Cello and Bass sections, and sometimes by the Principal Violinist.
I play in an Orchestra.
by Kung Pow Chicken March 29, 2005
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An ensemble which plays clssical music. Instruments include the strings (violins, violas, cellos, double basses), the woodwinds (flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons), the brass (trumpets, trombones, tuba, french horns), the percussion (timpani, snare drum, bass drum, celesta, etc.).

Also called a 'Symphony Orchestra' or a 'Philharmonic Orchestra'.
by carpo August 23, 2004
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Made up of string instruments...
The band sounds much better than the orchestra but the orchestra is much cooler. The orchestra obviously has the most amazing people because who would have the guts to play in an orchestra in the first place?? Full of amazing inside jokes and wonderful awkward and random moments, orchestra is the coolest, most carnactic music group of all!!
Band Person: where are you going?
Me: I'm going to Orchestra
Band Person: Ew, you guys suck.
Me: you're just JEALOUS.
Band Person:.....
Me: We strings will take over the world one day, so watch out.
by KWCnow123 December 12, 2010
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A musical ensemble originating from as far back as the early 1600s. Orchestras vary from the traditional String Quartet (consisting of a 1st and 2nd violin, viola, and cello), to a full, Symphonic Orchestra.

A Symphonic Orchestra normally consists of 4 families:
- The String family; violins, violas, cellos, and basses.
- The Brass family; trombones, trumpets, tubas, french horns, etc.
- The Woodwind family; single-reed instruments (saxophones, clarinets, the english horn, or "cor anglais"), and double-reed instruments (bassoon, and contrabassoon).
- The Percussion family; piano, tympani, snare drums, marimba, xylophone, vibraphone.
And of course, a Symphonic Orchestra always has a conductor, normally armed with the traditional "baton", a stick, normally white, used to conduct the beat of the song, and give cues.

A string quartet/quintet, also known as a Chamber Orchestra, has no conductor, and normally the 1st violinist cues the group. These small ensembles are responsible for a genre of music called "Chamber Music", music that is normally played within a home, or other small area, as opposed to an auditorium or major recital hall. Most high school orchestras are, in fact, Chamber Orchestras, normally quintets, consisting of several 1st violins, several 2nd violins, a much less number of violas, an almost equal number of cellos, and anywhere from 3 to 4 basses.
YouTube Symphony Orchestra, Venice Symphony Orchestra, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Venice High Chamber Orchestra.
by wrw28405 July 27, 2009
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Guy 1: Yo dude where's Foo Young?

Guy 2: I think he's in orchestra right now.

Guy 1: Let's go see if he's there


Guy 2: Woah, there are so many Foos Youngs.

Guy 1: So this is where they all go!
by Asianzu1ukid January 26, 2011
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"A symphony orchestra consists of one hundred egomaniacs, each of whom believes they play better than everyone else. The only thing uniting them is their common hatred of the conductor."--(My father was a professional symphonic musician; this was his definition.)
early 17th century: via Latin from Greek orkhēstra, from orkheisthai ‘to dance.’ Which doesn't make any sense, since everyone in an orchestra except the percussionist is sitting down.
by nurglezone November 26, 2018
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Three or more people involved in a “rusty trombone” circle. A group of people receiving and giving rim job while playing each others dongs.
: Where were you last night? I was worried.
: Oh, I was at a five piece orchestra.

I lost complete control of my bowels when Ness was rimming me.

Nothing is sweeter than an all male Orchestra.
by Jasper John February 1, 2007
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