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when two or more beats are organized into a pattern across a length of time, they form a rhythm. "rhythm" is the structural basis for music across time, and relies on events that happen in sequence.
one of the basic elements of music is rhythm. rhythm can be fast, slow, complex, or simple.

"I noticed how good the rhythm was in the club track"
by TranceCrafter July 04, 2018

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italian for the word "large." used in musical context to talk about the grandeur of a song, or the deepness of a note.
"Grande melodies."
by TranceCrafter July 20, 2018

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an audio editor for linux, windows, and mac. freeware.
john used audacity to bleep out everything tina said in her bitch rant.
by TranceCrafter July 19, 2018

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I coined this word myself. Means the same thing as the word "visualize" except instead of visuals, it's auditory information.
"now if I audialize that sound, I can hear it in my mind and make sense of what is happening."
by TranceCrafter November 11, 2017

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the process of imagining a sound. to audialize the sound and be able to "picture" it.

also known as audiation according to a 1970s theory by Edwin Gordon.
many of the world's greatest composers had an innate ability to picture a sound in their "mind's ear." To audiate that sound. "audialization."
by TranceCrafter June 15, 2019

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a pattern of notes in a musical composition which support the main melodies and harmonies. often a sawtooth in electronica.
fucking epic bassline.
by TranceCrafter July 22, 2018

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full of a light tone, used to describe the higher instruments of the orchestra for their light atmosphere and brilliance.
the upper frequencies of the cello are quite breathy.
by TranceCrafter July 20, 2018

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