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Sitting around, wasting time and doing nothing. Derived from the fact that Caltrans (California's department of transportation) construction projects take much longer than expected, go over budget, and cause needless congestion.
Joe: *sitting in his office chair and doing nothing"
Steve: Why aren't you working on our group project? Stop Caltransing

Joe: I'm recovering from my 45 minute commute. It was 20 minutes before Caltrans started their stupid freeway widening project.
by Four Loko Frat Guy June 17, 2023
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An inexpensive, single-serving premixed ready-to-drink cocktail made of low-quality liquor, fruit juice, sugar, flavorings, and artificial colors. These drinks are notorious for causing extreme hangovers.
I am so hungover from drinking 10 BuzzBall drinks.
by Four Loko Frat Guy November 1, 2022
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The state of drunkenness caused by drinking gin or gin-based cocktails like a martini or gin and tonic.
I was under the ginfluence after drinking three martinis and texted my ex.
by Four Loko Frat Guy November 10, 2022
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A substance intended for flavoring cocktails. Despite the high alcohol concentration (ranging from 35-60% ABV), it is exempt from all alcoholic beverage regulations because it is classified as a flavoring, not a beverage. As a result, no liquor license of any kind is needed to sell it, and anyone can purchase it regardless of age.

Due to the strong flavor, it is not recommended to drink cocktail bitters straight. When mixed with soft drinks or seltzer water to create a drink with approximately 5-10% alcohol, however, bitters can be quite drinkable. Angostura is a popular brand of bitters, but there are countless options on the market.
Tim: I need a drink but I'm only 20 and my friend that buys my alcohol is out of town

Steve: Try buying some cocktail bitters! They're 45% alcohol
Tim: Good idea! I'll pick up some seltzer for mixing too.
by Four Loko Frat Guy November 8, 2022
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The process of staying home and doing nothing. Most people that enjoy staying in are highly introverted and dislike socializing and going out.
Hailey: Wanna come to girl's night with us at the club?
Emma: No thanks, I'm staying in tonight.
Hailey: Wow, okay. Enjoy your lonely weekend
by Four Loko Frat Guy November 1, 2022
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Every Thanksgiving break, commuter students are isolated and alone at home, with all their friends out-of-town. Commuter students typically cope with Commuter Hell Week by binge drinking, smoking cannabis, or street racing.
I got drunk to numb the misery of Commuter Hell Week. All my friends are out of town and I'm home all alone.
by Four Loko Frat Guy November 22, 2022
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A beverage with around 40% alcohol made from lemon extract. It has a strong and unpleasant lemon flavor so it is usually mixed with lemonade or other sweet and sour drinks to make a 10-15% ABV cocktail.

Lemon liquor starts with a 16 oz bottle of lemon extract, which is mixed 50/50 with water. A yellow oil layer floats on top which is removed with a dropper. The remaining liquid is filtered through a Zerowater, Pur or Clear Genius water filter (with a brand-new cartridge) until it comes out clear.

Lemon liquor costs a little more than cheap vodka and tastes far worse, so it is generally only made by alcoholics and friendless underage drinkers.
Jim made a bottle of lemon liquor for the party this weekend!
by Four Loko Frat Guy November 6, 2022
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