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A guy to dream about. He's strong, athletic, caring and loves with his whole heart. He's always there when someone needs him and usually puts others before himself. He'll make you laugh even when you feel like crying. He's not perfect, but once you fall for him everything he does seems like it. Easy to fall for, and not someone you ever want to let go. Find a Braydon? Keep him.
"I met this guy named Braydon.."
"Marry him."
by Braydonsgirl June 14, 2013
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An amazing guy who is perfect. He will make you feel so happy and alive. He'll be stuck in your head all day long and you won't mind. Is lovable and has just the right balance of everything to make you love him.
Girl 1:"I'm dating Braydon!!"
Girl2: "You're so lucky. He's so sweet."
by Keeper of Souls April 28, 2010
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A funny, nice, (but vulgar(booooiiii)) guy who you'll probably love(unless your a boy). Not even close to perfect, but still awesome.
GGBjN hbh: "omg look its Braydon"
Fhdujfhf: "OMG WHERE!?!?"
FJDHD: "you know im dating him"
FJDHD: " boi what a savage."
by Ima rock lol February 12, 2017
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A talented guy who gets girls everywhere he goes. He is loyal to his friends and loves with everything he can to his girlfriend. He knows how to make anyone feel wanted and happy. However he has a dark streak. His past may suprise you.
"Braydon is so sexy" girl one
"I think its cause of how he acts like such a bad boy" girl two
"I like me some bad boy" boy 1
by WaywardAngel December 29, 2014
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A very fine and incredibly sexy french man with a delightful sense of fashion and style. A gorgeous vision of the ultimate man. tall, dashing and talented. Once you see him, tell him you love him because you are bound to fall in love at first sight - no questions asked! he is very handsome to the point where you will feel an ache in your heart and flutter in your stomach each time you look into his eyes. you won't want to spend your days anywhere else but in the embrace of his strong yet gentle arms... the safest haven... while he whispers sweetness in your ears. Geez just thinking about him make your spine tingle... this french man is to die for! He's beyond definitionable:)
girl 1: have you met Braydon?
girl 2: are you kidding, of course, he is so sexy and gorgeous! if love had a form - it would be Braydon.
by secretadmirer10203 June 27, 2010
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