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He sold his soul to her once he got on that knee... He asked her to marry him. The end.
by NeverGettingMarried November 24, 2008
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Elizebethan form of the colloquial 'innit'. Used loosely during Shakespearean times as a form of a) mutual aggreement between friends, b) to emphasise/reiterate ones resolve c) express/ reinforce a fondness/solidarity between ones cronies. Most often used among men. Marry may be accompanied by other such forms of agreement i.e 'ay', 'forsooth' and the like.
Henry: (gasp), by God the north London totty is out in force today!
George: Marry - looks like we're in for a smashing afternoon!
by hunky-dory March 19, 2006
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Is for a man that can not get any more pussy
Well nobody else will give it up might as well marry her
by jeremy March 17, 2004
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