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Brandan is the handsomest, smartest, strongest man you will ever meet. He loves watching cartoons in the morning especially pokemon, he loves oreo cookies, coffee, and thinks he barbeques better than anyone else in the world. He has such a good heart and is so caring and honest. He loves his family and gets home sick when he is two hours away from them. He is one of the best wrestlers you will ever meet and has the sexiest body you will ever lay eyes on. He knows how to make me smile when I’m mad or sad and doesn’t leave you alone until your happy again. He is a popular person and everyone that meets him loves him. Basically he is the greatest guy I know and when were apart I can’t stop thinking about him. Once you love him you won’t want anyone else.
Girl: I love my brandan baby and want to marry him and make little brandan’s and little kara’s
by princess5207 February 13, 2013
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Brandan is guy who is very sweet, all though he loves his video games, which can cause him some problems. His friends are fun to be around, and are kind of hilarious. Brandan is a hot and generous person you all wish you could be him because 1) he is always looking good no matter what 2) he has a hot girlfriend and 3) he is amazing in bed.
He doesn;t need exapmles I think you understand clearly what Brandan is!!!
by no where in June 14, 2008
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Amazing Guy. The most inportant person that has ever came into my life and that probably ever will, even though it was unexpectedly im so glad you did. I feel like i can do anything when your by my side we've been through so much in the past years together Good & bad & we made it through & got stronger with each obstacle. Even through I wish you didnt put me through the shit you did but I guess your worth I would not kno what to do if i would to ever lose you. i truly would be lost.
You've always been there, through everything. You've taught me to be the person that I am today. I don't care what anyone else says, you are my love, and I'm in love with you. I've fallen along time ago, and now you've got me, no one else. I hope to one day marry you, and we will be together forever. && Do everything that we ever talked about. I'm willing to spend the rest of my life with you

for as long as I live.
Girl : I Cant Wait For This Weekend! Im Soo Happy. You Make Me Happy. I Cant Wait To Lay In Your Arms

Boy: awwww bb me either

Girl: well u do brandanA you truly make me happy

Boy: u make me happy to tristinA

Girl: awwwweee but when did my last name turn into yours?

Boy: 10/31/06
by TristinS July 27, 2009
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Brandan is the most adorable guy a girl could ever meet. He can make you smile without even trying. He’s so funny, smart, and most of all super hot. Whenever you talk to him, it feels like you can tell him anything. He’s usually really strong and good at protecting people. If you are close with him, he will fight anyone that is mean to you.
Girl 1: OMG! Who is that!? He’s so hot.
Girl 2: Oh that’s Brandan.
by anonymous53829 September 21, 2019
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Most Brandans can be smartasses. They try to think for themselves and prefer to have longer hair. Brown puppy dog eyes, long dark brown hair and maybe tan skin. Says "technically" a lot. Has many different influences in his life. Some bad, some good. Most Brandans like music so some are in band, mainly brass. Gets hurt easily but doesn't show it. Needs more people than he lets on. Family issues. Girlfriend problems, likes girls he cant have and bombed his last relationship, if he had one. Can be a jackass sometimes. Makes bad jokes, but good comebacks. Passed for weak, but don't mess with him after you push him past the limit. Loves video games, dragons and things along that lone. Cries more than he lets on. Long story short, he's a guy who wants help but won't accept it.
*person1* Man, he just got dumped... again.
*Person2* yeah. Guess he's just too.. complicated, I guess.
*Person2's girlfriend* don't pull a Brandan. Ever.
by Trustworthyperson1 April 20, 2017
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A boy who is like the hottest guy in the world. he will treats you like an angle for a couple months, then BAM he goes and fucks this bitch. but wait you just be so hot he needs you so he still fucks you even though hes with that other bitch. he is so hot and manipulates you so you just give in. also he does drugs and shit which actually makes him hotter!!
girl 1: Brandan is so hot but he just uses me
girl 2: haha girl you just so hot he has no choice
girl 3: stop talkin to him hes a waste of time
girl 1: hes just to sexy i cant!!
by josienahnah August 26, 2012
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A complete and utter twat that bullshits and lies about all sorts of things. He never thinks about what he says before he says it.
''OMG as if he told her... oh he would tell her, it was a brandan'''
by cooldude5447 October 07, 2011
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