Porno groove. It is used generally as something to point out sexualy (unintentional) phrases or actions. It originates from the way the backround music in porn sounds.
"No body wants me, I'm not anyone's friend"
"Bow chika bow bow!"
"Ew, shutup! You know what I ment!
by 5cott April 25, 2006
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Unusually muscular; body builder. May describe someone who uses anabolic steroids.

"Damn that guy is BOWED!"

"I've got some new stuff to help me get bowed up."
by Kayde January 02, 2008
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another word for vagina/pussy, etc. often used with reference to "tying" a bow.
1. Dude, don't be a bow.

2. I want Gillian to wrap her bow so tight around my present.

3. I'm tying some girl's bow right now man, what do you need?

4. Her bow is so tight.
by bowloversanon September 11, 2010
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Usually referring to something sexual.
"I swanked her so hard last night."
"Bow Chica Bow bow!"

Girl:"Come into my room really quick"
Guy: "Okay"
3rd person: "Bow Chica Bow bow!"
by Erbon December 14, 2004
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a phrased used when someone says something stupid, or something that is unexplainable
did u know that georgia peaches were form georgia

by shi1 April 07, 2006
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To bow is to go down on your sexual partner i.e. Performing oral sex. (Most often used as a slang in Jamaica.)
My girlfriend doesn't like to bow so I broke up with her.
by Don mafia February 26, 2010
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