A person with unrivaled sexual prowess and an above-average sized penis
Person A: Hey Sally how did it go last night?
Person B: Oh my God that boy was a Bowes!
by Yumoguagyphybismow September 20, 2009
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To hit someone with a two punch combination.
They squared up and Joe hit him, bow bow, and dropped his ass
by Heiziniamhim October 22, 2015
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Bow - As dubbed by King Zias is a formal greeting substituted in place of other greetings. By decree of King Zias all "Bow's" must be answered with a "Hello" thus in a sentence it would sound like, "Bow, hello"
#zias #blou #bowhello #bow #hello
Zias - "Bow"
B. Lou - "Hello"
by sshafer2k August 10, 2018
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Hey man what's the PR on a bow??
by d.rose October 22, 2013
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When it’s too cold to use your hands to congratulate someone on a good diss so you have to use your elbow instead. Was invented by The grime artists Asap Mossy and K hus.
by Big Ghana man October 22, 2018
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This defines the sound of the music track in a porno film as things are heating up. Think: Wah-wah.
At the party she asked me if I wanted to go outside to check out the grounds. She gave me that look and.... bow chica bow bow...
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"If ya feel me! Throw dem bows up!"
Fam-Lay - Rock n' Roll (this is a rap song by the way, a ghetto one too, don't let the tittle fool ya.)
by The Dragon November 25, 2003
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