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A person with unrivaled sexual prowess and an above-average sized penis
Person A: Hey Sally how did it go last night?
Person B: Oh my God that boy was a Bowes!
by Yumoguagyphybismow September 20, 2009
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Fredagsmys is pretty much the most holy tradition of Sweden. The word origins from two words; β€œfredag” and β€œmys”, which roughly translates to Friday and cozy. Every Friday, all Swedes drive by the supermarket to buy ingredients for taco, soda and chips. Then, they all sit down in their sofas with their families or friends and watch telly. Usually, the parents fall asleep after a few glasses of wine or beer while the kids stuff themselves with chips until they have a stomach ache.
Now it's the end of the week; it is time for fredagsmys!
by popsicle power June 19, 2011
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Refering to a pound of green/ganja/trees/weed.
I got caught with 15 bowes and the woodie(police) ain't gonna donna do crap.
by Nigga JC March 03, 2003
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A bipolar bitch. He acts like the world revolves around him. He is a fuckboy, a man-whore. Never date/become friends with a Bowe you'll regret it.
Guy: That dude over there is such a dick!
Girl: Of course he's a dick, he's a Bowe!
by WonderfulCookie<3 December 04, 2017
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A Bowe is a bridge dweller. A common family name in Wales is Bowes. Meaning a family of bridge dwellers. This ocurred because posh people from England would invade Wales and force them all under bridges and refer to them as a herd of Bowes.
English Person 1: Careful going over that bridge there's a herd of Bowes underneath.

English Person 2: Don't worry I've got my Bowe beating stick
by normanbowes June 21, 2021
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