Bow - As dubbed by King Zias is a formal greeting substituted in place of other greetings. By decree of King Zias all "Bow's" must be answered with a "Hello" thus in a sentence it would sound like, "Bow, hello"
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Zias - "Bow"
B. Lou - "Hello"
by sshafer2k August 10, 2018
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A nice, kind, and caring guy with a massive dick.
Look its Bow
by shaquille_oatmeal__ April 8, 2019
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To bow is to go down on your sexual partner i.e. Performing oral sex. (Most often used as a slang in Jamaica.)
My girlfriend doesn't like to bow so I broke up with her.
by Don mafia February 26, 2010
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(As an attractive member of the opposite sex walks by): Bow!

Sarcasm (As an extremely repulsive member of either sex walks by): BOW!
by daskfjd May 16, 2010
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1) A long, flexible and sturdy piece of wood with a string attached in order to fire arrows. Now there are new "Compound Bows" made with metal. Used by skilled marksmen.

2) A ribbon tied in a certain matter for apparel.

3) To bend over to show signs of respect.
1) I shot the adventurer in the knee with my bow. Now he's a city guard.

2) She is wearing a red bow.

3) Bow down, mortal!
by Link998 May 26, 2013
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To involve one's self in oral sex male of female
by kictodd January 1, 2009
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Hay Rarbin. A person who is a bowser. A trick. A chickenhead. A sneaky strudel.
by Neverbroke December 7, 2012
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