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To be so angry with someone that your whole upper body becomes tense to the point where your shoulders elevate, your arms rise, and you find yourself in the face of your new adversary.
Why are you actin' all bowed up and stuff fool?!?
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1) Busy as hell...
2) Someone who is muscular...
3) When mad, about to fight, just finished working out, feel like a bad ass, etc shoulder lift up, arms get wider, chest puffs out...
4) When on the toilet sick, stomach problems, vomiting...
5) Hooked up on a big fish...
6) something/somewhere that is crowded with people, things...
1) PAST - I stayed bowed up at work yesterday, I didn't even get to take a lunch.
PRESENT - I am so bowed up right now I don't have time to pee.
FUTURE - I will be bowed up with paperwork tonight, I won't make it to dinner.

2.1) That guy is bowed up I bet he works out twice a day.
2.2) Damn, since Johnny started power lifting 6 years ago, he's got all bowed up like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 70s.

3.1) This ignorant mother f***** cut my brother off and got out of his Prius bowed up and then jumped back in his Prius and took off when I jumped out the truck.
3.2) You should have seen it, Johnny walked away bowed up after he won the chess tournament lmfao.
3.3) I had such a great work out last night I couldn't control leaving the gym bowed up.

4.1) Johnny got food poisoning and is bowed up in the bathroom.

4.2) That moonshine had me so drunk I was bowed up over the toilet all night.

5) I was bowed up on a Yellowfin Tuna for 45 minutes yesterday and I thought it got away, but when I reeled in my line the head of the Tuna was still there.

6.1) The bar was bowed up with single chicks last night.
6.2) The farm was bowed up with trucks for the contest.
by bada$s hand August 15, 2014
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When a person has a large fish on the line and the rod is bent to the point where it feels as though the rod or the line is about to snap
Man, I saw you out trolling for salmon the other day, you were all bowed up!
by kingfisher66 April 17, 2011
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Can be used in many instances. Bowed up ususally refers to someone or something being large, but can also refer to the positioning of something, or to describe things in abnormally large numbers.
That guy is bowed-up. Man I went to the club, and it was bowed-up in there. Dude, Matt is bowed-up on the toilet. We had six people bowed-up on that truck the other night.
by Marcus Smith September 18, 2006
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1.) When you're lazy and don't want to work, so you pretend to be busy and tell everyone your bowed up.

2.) When you hide all day at work and tell everyone you've been bowed up with work.
Tom Gates likes to sit at work all day and when a co-worker needs help, he just says he is all bowed up with other stuff and to find someone else.
by Jack the ripper October 20, 2018
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