Bow wow is most defenently the most weird way of calling someone or something.It means Cool amazing fantatic spercalafrajilesticexpialadocious i.e get your fucking ass over there or do what he says cause he or she probably has a gun in his trousers
If a gangster brother was to go up to someone then he would say yoh what up ma homie what up why dont you get your skinny black or white ass into my bow wow crib yoh
by Weenerboy123 June 11, 2008
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1.) Refers to the sex act of doggie style or arf sex, where the male mounts the female from behind, normally vaginal contact, however, can also refer to anal sex in the same fashion. 2.) Having had good sex and boasting about the same, although it is not restricted in the sense of all within definition 1.). Can refer to almost any completed sex act.
Prostitute Query: "I charge the same for 'bow wow' as I would for missionary sex. Would you like that?"

Guy Talk: "We did it 'bow wow' for almost two hours, man!"

False Stud: "Yeah! Got her into 'bow wow' big time! I was good, dude!!" Said Andy, acting proud. However, Howard told Dilbert that it was not true because Sylvia never even saw Andy again. There was no way he could have had 'bow wow' with her, if anything.
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 24, 2008
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When you take a shit so big it clogs the toilet.
You would not believe the Bow Wow I took this morning
by Crucial Velocity March 17, 2017
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