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Those who can, do. Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, teach gym.
That gym teacher has a college degree? All he does is yell, sweat, and make us watch bad sports movies.
by iLikeSoup February 23, 2010
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The fat bastard that always yells and screams at his/her class when they are all panting in absolute exhaustion. Preaches hypocritical speeches about how you must be constantly moving and be on a healthy diet although they can definitely use it more then the rest of the class.
Doug "My Gym Teacher always yells at me when i don't finish the mile last although he always fuckin collapses from exhaustion when we get to the football field."
by A human male August 01, 2018
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middle-aged man who was a star athlete at your school approximately 15 or 20 years ago and never got over their glory days
Our gym teacher made us genuflect the banner that celebrated his school record of points scored in a single game in 1987

Our gym teacher was voted most athletic in the senior superlatives, class of '68
by anticookie908 August 10, 2008
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an over-aged woman who thinks she controls the world.
"my gym teacher gave us an ESSAY as a 3rd quarter challenge."

"OMG what an asshole!"
by dancerr4lifeexxx3 February 16, 2010
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