To shit on someone's laptop keyboard, then close the screen on it.
I locked my computer so no one could meatspin me, but I got waffled instead.

I just peeled this piece of shit off my keyboard and it looks like a waffle.
by The Weatherman May 7, 2008
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If the puritains ate waffles there would have been no Salem witch trails.
by Juancho September 17, 2006
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The best damned food ever. It is king of all foods, and is great with anything. Anything at all. It can make cow manure taste like chocolate, and chocolate taste like double chocolate, not that I've tried you sick fucks!
And the Lord sayeth: "Let those who eat the Holy Waffle have dominion over this world." And it was done, and He rested.
by Wafulz October 3, 2003
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When you moon someone thru a chain link fense.
Dude, let's go over to the overpass and waffle the fuckin' nine to fiver's.
by shootz January 28, 2005
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to change sides on an issue. One day you support something, the next day you oppose it.
John Kerry actually voted for $87 billion in reconstruction funds before he voted against it. One of many cases of Kerry waffles.
by 1_WTC_Lock September 24, 2004
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try hard (generally referring to school) whose only goal is to seem smart and important in the eyes of their peers and administrators. some common waffle acts include but are not limited to
-asking how somebody did on an assignment just so they can say how well they did
-going ahead in the work and then make a big deal about it like by asking a question like "what if I'm already done"
-racing to finish every in-class assignment first
-answering every question with the intent of proving they know the answer
be honest everyone, we all have some waffle in us. its good to embrace this waffleness that we got, but don't let it consume our personalities
Ryan: "Yo Adam, How'd you do on the physics test?"
Adam: "Shut up Ryan you waffley ass bitch"
Ryan: *shame upon his elders*
by Ryan is my Bitch September 27, 2020
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