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A school full of rich white kids who all have the latest iphone and who go to their second house in Tahoe every winter. Also, they have been known to vape in the bathroom and light trash cans on fire.
Guy 1: Why is that kid actually wearing Supreme?
Guy 2: He's from OIS.
by ...PSEUDONYM. February 21, 2018
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Ois is a school where all the rich kids go. They like to vape, bang in fourth period, light trash cans on fire, and pull fire alarms. Did I mention they do drugs and do weird shit on the bus? Their parents think they are perfect however this is not the case. They go up to their Tahoe houses every weekend and win all their sports games. They live in a bubble where they don't care about the environment and want everything they see. They see it, they like it, they want it, they like it. They all have the latest I phones and apple products. However, there are some nice kids who care about people and the environment. Their parents blame them for living like this but they raised them and let them buy the latest fortnite skins. If you are reading this, hi, and have a great day. I'll see you in the halls fam.
"Damn that OIS kid has those AirPods"
Ya ik, OIS kids are rich
by supbrovalentines February 11, 2019
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OIS is school mostly consisting of rich white kids with the iPhone XS Max AirPods and like a million fortnite skins. There are also the vsco girls who’s pronouns are and I oop and skkkskkk. They practically live in there poka shell necklaces and will never use a plastic straw if there life depends on it. Because save the turtles skkkskkskksksksk. Then there are the no no kids who vape and do weird things like lighting trash cans on fire and they are practically always in trouble. They ALWAYS have there AirPods in durning school listening to explicit rap music. And then there are the others (meme lovers, anime fans, weird ppl, potato farmers,) pretty much the best people you will meet at Ois. :)))))) uwu

Oh and the halls need trash cans!!!
Person 1: hey do u go to Ois?
Person 2: yeah
Person 3: Big eek
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by Shrek uwu September 04, 2019
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Most likely the worst school on earth! If the hallways were any smaller bacteria wouldn't even be able to get through!
It costs so much to go to this school but no one has any idea where the money goes because the school is shit!
by Jim January 17, 2004
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A piece of SHIT!

The only good memories from that school are the memories of us demolishing that fucking place to bits!
Man i hate OIS its a shite hole
by sdvgfjytrdrgfesgeh November 30, 2003
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Short for Optical Image Stabiliser. A system in digital photography, astronomical telescopes, videography or binoculars which increases the stability of an image and reduces the blurs.
Panasonic is the first manufacturer to have successfully incorporated Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) into its compact cameras.
by fokuz December 03, 2008
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short for Oslo international school or obnoxious ignescent school
OIS is a gay POS school with a big cock
by fatmike February 12, 2003
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