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The members of MADD shot a guy for DWI
by Qwerty July 05, 2003
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1) Awarded to the mengiest person alive.
2) Somebody who bears a significant amount of meng about them
1) And the annual Man Of Meng award goes to... Wazim! You are the man of meng! Well done (or hard luck, whichever way you wish to take it doninnit!)
2) Eugh, Baz, you are the Man Of Meng!
by Qwerty October 23, 2003
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a Leprecoon makes it easier to pick cottons, he doesn't have to bend down.
by Qwerty November 17, 2003
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Some little shit-stain who is trying to get as much attention as the bigger shit-stains in the rap industry
Lil' Bow Wow looks just like and is the size of my turd in the tiolet
by Qwerty March 19, 2004
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'Palm' is used to refer to the king pimp, i.e. the pimp who pimps the pimps.

It's origins lie in the name of the real life King Pimp, who was called Palm.
to a pimp:
"Who's your pimp"

by Qwerty June 09, 2004
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Used in reference to somebody of great authority or of a greater social rank than you.
A wordblazed outword gang lockin' lo' down the back street of a grubby estate:

Timothy: Whaddup, papa bear?
Kieth (an individual of greater authority): Not much.
by Qwerty October 09, 2003
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