Phenomenal young R&B singing group; consist of 4 members, J-boog,Omarion, Lil'Fizz, and Raz-B; has released 5 albums
B2k is a wonderful singing group
by unknown October 15, 2003
tha hottest group ever ya'll haters need to stop haten'

lil' fizz:a sexy boy wit tha a hot body

o:sexy body & a nice smile

boog: funny & cute

raz: sexy lips & sweet
b2k: tha boyz of 2000
by nikia walker October 21, 2003
i don't care what all ya'll haters say about b2k they are sooo fine!!!!!
lil fizz=sooooooooo fine
omarion=sexy body/sooooo fine
raz-b=sexy body
all i got to say for b2k keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!
by shantelle :) August 1, 2003
fuck off Omega Death b2k is better than whatever piece of shit heavy metal you listen to
by your daddy July 4, 2003
A Fine, young, talented, Stylish group who ain't got no time for yall hatin ass's out there.

They loved by most
Hated by many
yet wanted by plenty
In dis group iz-
Omarion-can sing his ass off
Fizz- So damn fine/sexy!!!
Raz-b-Got da lips of a lifetime
......and "knows exactly what a grl wants!"

"maybe thats the reason why i luv them!!"
by da1forFizz July 24, 2003
sexy ass boys who broke up cuz of dumb shit omarion n they stupid manager
look at dose 3 fine ass niggas in b2k, damn they is sexy CRAZYstyles
by - January 8, 2004