To literally or figuratively destroy someone or something (physically or mentally). A reference to an incident when the rap star bow wow was raped by his security guard
Peyton Manning totally just got bow wowed by Michael Strahan!!!
by ptricklemcfickle August 15, 2008
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1) a 5'5 asshole who thinks he's the shit but inside he's really not.

2)A bi-sexual industry hoe, a wannabe gangsta, a womanizer, a momma's boy, and most of all, The same dude who got anually raped by his bodyguard some years ago. The same one who dated R&B singer at the age of 18, turns out she's a dude herself. The same one who got his ass beaten, got robbed and stole his Mickey Mouse chain and never been back to that town since.

3) A horrible rapper but have the nerve to called Will Smith a gimmick; and dissing other Legends. He even dissed Ronald Isley. If it wasn't for his music, he ass wouldn't been born on March 9th 1987. Lil Romeo, Lil Fizz, and Yung Berg punked and diss his ass. Bow Wow don't even get respect from his fellow rap artists. Fat Joe called him a Fag in his song called Lean Back. 50 cent rap song, I got guns with the size of LIL BOW WOW. Yeah Snoop discovered him but he never got signed with Death Row. That's why he became JD's Puppet. A swagger Jacker, T.I., Debrat, and Wayne wrote all of his rhymes. How the world he called himself a real rapper and he don't even rep his own city right. He's from Reynoldsburg Ohio not even near Columbus but he's too busy whoring the South. Got his own record company called LBW Entertainment but he don't want to be called little Bow Wow anymore. How sad is that.

4)His fan base, Bow Wow don't even have fans anymore when he was LIL BOW WOW. All he have now is GROUPIES AND HOES. 20 years from now them groupies are going to whine up in a mental hospital or comment suicide or one. They soo busy claiming i'm Bow Wow's wifey, girlfriend, whatever. He even got little girls who not even fully developed yet. I don't know why they wasting their time. They can't get him and never will. You can't get that little bitch nigga to like you please. Yeah Bow Wow like your $$$$$$$$$, but he don't like you. But like i said, keep dreaming hoes and groupies. Keep on dreaming. Bow Wow is soo damn stupid.

5) The industry don't even take him seriously. They main reason they buy his albums is because of his LOOKS. 5'5 brown skin muscular Hazel eye dude. He think he can get any broads he wants because of his looks. Angela Simmons don't give him no play. Ashley from College Hill don't even claimed his ass. Most of all Ciara smashed his ass when she did that video called LIKE A BOY and the one she did with 50 CENT. In fact, Ciara left Bow Wow ass for a real nigga, 50. Bow Wow is nothing but a joke. His music don't mean nothing but himself. Real niggas don't buy his shyt anymore unless they're Gay, on a DL, or they just plain retarded. If Bow Wow don't changed anytime soon, he's going to be a moderned day Howard Hudges, going to be somewhere hiding or he won't have a career at the age of 31, or he just going to be whine up dead like Tupac or Notorious B.I.G. Let him continue to be a idiot.
"I don't know who Bow Wow is, I don't know who that dude is", saids Yung Berg.
by real hip hop listener April 12, 2008
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a little fack ass nigga who sucks dick and can't rap for shit Bow wow can suck a dick up till he hickups. Please someone if you see him cap him
Bow wow, wow you suck, a duck can rap better than you, you smell like poo, ooooooo yeah
by G Watt May 03, 2006
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A weak rapper who thinks he could get any girls he want with just his look, basicly a square face, lips that look like they just have a lip collagen & and eye browns that look like he have a blind person waxing it for him & for all those girls out there who thinks they are Bow Wow wifeys/gurl/baby-boo, keep dreaming, you cant evem get your crush to like you. Anyways back to the definition;; Famously known for: trying to diss Will Smith by saying Smith cant rap, engage to an R/B singer Ciara but kikc her ass after he pop her, & for partnering up with Chris Brown because he secretly have a crush on him. He claim he's from ATL, but he's actually born/from Columbus, Ohio.
#1: DAYUMMM!!! Bow Wow look hella fine!!!!
#2: Keep dreaming hoe. Your boyfriend dont even like you.
by qd. April 16, 2007
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An ugly ass woman. Refers to someone with dog like features
Britney Spears is a real bowwow.
by collegewhore April 26, 2004
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