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the stain that looks like shit on the mustache of a smoker.
you should quit smoking or at least shave off the mustache, because that shit-stain looks like shit.
by chuckybubbles August 27, 2011
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An utterly objectionable, despised individual, especially one whose personality is compounded by subnormal intelligence.
Lyle Wright is a shitstain on the ass of the human race. That sawed-off cum-sucking fuckhead would make a good cop.
by fingerman December 29, 2004
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When one shits their pants and leaves stains in their underwear. Often mistaken for bloodstains.
Ah! I found shit stains in alyssa's pantie drawer!
by Shaniqua Bobiqua May 21, 2006
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1)A Brownish/Blackish and or Redish mark that is found in a towlet or human being's under shorts or panties. Found around the area of the anus.
2)A person that is a total fuck up and totally useless.
Like definitions may be found with Dumdass, Skidmark, Shit For Brains, Stupidass, Jerkoff, Spinout or Speed Racer.
I was taking a leak in Tommy's badroom, then I saw his Dad's boxers on the floor. There was bloody "shit stain" in them. It looked like he wiped up the floor with them after a blod bath.

Tommy and his Dad are both fucking "shit stains".
by JLOH December 16, 2004
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any little ganster wannabe goof action puke.
think they are cool, usually worthless individuals.
That little shit stain doesn't pay for his smokes man.
by I am Rico January 12, 2011
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