BOSS: (n) - a word indicating awesomenessocity. Such as; thats boss, or boss hat dude, etc... It is a synnonym for the words; ill, sick, nasty, sweet, and so forth.
Olivia: I got an xbox.
Kory: Boss!!!
by The Boss Man July 06, 2005
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Boss is the name of a cult on the website vampirefreaks that is owned by two trolls on vampirefreaks by the usernames of Zig and Zag.

Matching their usernames is really actually not cool, but nobody will say anything because they're too scared.
Boss is a place for vampirefreaks members who like putting other people down. Unknowing noobs will join the cult, and be bombarded with insults that lead to them wanting to leave vampirefreaks forever.

Boss is also a place where trolling of other vampirefeaks cults.
My cult got trolled the other day, I think it came from Boss. I'll have to report it.
by NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO June 22, 2010
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Adj; To be desirable in its qualities of "cooldom" and "awesomeocity".

Noun; One who "runs this bitch".
1. That midget was pretty boss when he beat up that old lady last night.

2. Boss fired Bob the other day. That, in turn, was not boss on Bob's part.
by Mylan December 18, 2006
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In jail boss is an backwards acronym for Stupid Son Of a Bitch. Showing a lack of respect for people in charge, but gives the false sense of respect to the person in reference.
Bill addressed the guard as Boss when he spoke to him.
by HAYDON S May 22, 2008
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Common NYC greeting when conversing in an ordinary transaction, showing friendliness and respect.
What would you like? A sandwich, your choice. Alright boss.
by Wagbott August 16, 2015
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Final (and most likely hardest) enemy in a videogame. Bosses usually take great skill and cunning to beat.
by TbPlayer January 18, 2004
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A person who settles for nothing less than an epic existence. They can often be found volunteering at homeless shelters or the VIP booth at Olive Garden in Times Square. Bosses often deny the fact that they are boss, but know in their hearts that they are.
Talented, intelligent, and tactful. What a boss.
by bankshot25 November 13, 2018
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