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The action of taking a dump, while eating a Wendys* Baconator and getting your dick sucked. Enjoyed usually on sunny days, either inside a home or porta potty.
Yesterday, while receiving a blumpkin, Tom threw Fred a baconator and the blumpkinator was born.
by Dick Paul June 25, 2011
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A chic who has given a (blumpkin) more than once. A blumpkin is the art of getting a blowjob while relieving your bowels, normally in a toilet.
Yesterday morning this chic gave me another "blumpkin" so I got her a t-shirt that says "blumpkinator" she wears it proudly!
by TheCraw April 22, 2008
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While getting a blumpkin, just before you ejaculate you stand up pushing the girls head into the toilet bowl. Then you ejaculate on her back and dump on her head.
I gave Ricky a blumpkinator last night, and I still cant get the shit out of my hair.
by lil sassy January 17, 2010
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A king of Blumpkins that can make anyone give them one through suavness ans tact.

The blumpkinator spared no one.Everone on board flight 92 would be mouthwashing tonight.
by Blumkinator December 01, 2007
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One who gives many blumpkins out, not only do they give many of these foul pleasures out but do it in a mean way.
As young girl, melissa was diagnosed with blumpkinitis by a world class doctor. From then on she was known as the blumpkinator.
by Brett Burnette December 13, 2007
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