A homeless man with a patchy beard and shaggy hair. They usually reside under bridges and sell their body for booze.
I just saw blanke getting nailed by some ugly bitch underneath the bridge for a bottle of vodka.
by tk February 14, 2008
When you don't remember smashing a whole pub up and everybody inside it!
Some geezer was largin' it off to us earlier!

Well, Steve just blanked, and nearly killed the geezer!
by Phatzoot June 23, 2011
a name given to a person( usually the significant other) who is known by all but not usually not recognized in a particular way
also used as a code name
blank(noun): are you bringing blank to the party?
by theunknowntroller August 13, 2012
v. The act of making something null and void.
n. Not useable. Not there.

blank, blanked, blanking
I blanked his power... He said I did not... No one heard either side... My throat was sore it may have been low but I said I blanked his power
by Cds March 21, 2003

a blank text message with a pre-determined meaning, used as a quick, convenient way to tell someone something without texting actual words. Often acknowledged or answered with a return blank.

Often used as a phrase: "...shoot me/you/him/her a blank..."
Shoot me a blank when you get here.

I'll shoot you a blank if I like the movie.

Shoot me a blank if you want to go to the show tonight.

Shoot me a blank if you need a ride tomorrow.
by colinflower January 3, 2012
That bitch gonna make me blank on her ass if she don't stop runnin' her mouth.
by Hollachagurl January 31, 2005