This term is from New York it means being really mad and showing it by yelling and screaming in a frenzy or beating somebody up pretty bad
Yo, when she said she slept with one of my bros I blacked on her and now I gotta go to court for assault and battery!
by Brooklyngirl78 September 26, 2021
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To not pay up on one's bets/wager.
I made a bet with Clint, he blacked me when it was time to pay!
by MikeHos May 31, 2018
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to go insane, crazy. Driving Miss Daisy...out her f*cking mind. Wilding out.
Dude straight blacked on that waitress for real.
by LJTheGirl April 24, 2015
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When you meet someone that doesn't give you their real name, and instead calls themselves "Black", befriends you only to turn around down the road to break into your house/apartment to steal your shit.
"Yo, Dan, last Friday I got blacked!"
"You know that guy that smoked me out and shit?... he stole my fuckin' XBOX360!"
by Miyamotorofl March 5, 2008
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The term used when somebody has had sex with a black man and will no longer have sex with any other race. The term is tied to the adult entertainment series of the same name where black men have sex with white women. The primary causes for a woman to define herself as blacked are usually the taboo, large penis size, and overall sexual performance.
I would ask out my crush but she's been Blacked so I'm afraid I won't stack up.

Chad: "Did you hear that Ashley slept with Jamal at the party last night?"

Brad: "Yeah she is totally blacked now."
by John Cortis December 31, 2021
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It's a long-going adult entertainment series that it's mostly a kink-fetish for some and it might be racist in itself because black male pornstars usually fuck white porn actresses on those videos.
Billy: Hey Chuck, guess who's the new addition to Blacked?

Chuck: Who is it?

Billy: Aidra Fox, my favorite pornstar.
by Ms. Lewdy October 18, 2020
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Basically the same as RickRolling but with Rebecca Black's "Friday"
Girl: "I just want it to be Saturday!"
Guy: "NO! It's Friday, Friday. Gonna get down on Friday!"
Girl: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy: You've just been Blacked!
by supersmah April 15, 2011
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