Another way of saying sure, often used by someone disinterested and waiting for something interesting to happen.

Don't recommend actually saying this to someone with a gun.
Guy: Want me to sing the national anthem backwards?
Other Guy: Shoot me.
by toastedroaster May 20, 2016
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A phrase used when someone is called out on something but doesn't care, similar to "bite me".
Person 1: "Hey you're not allowed to smoke in here"
Person 2: "Shoot me"
by neckbrace November 26, 2020
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To give me or to send me.
Hey bruh, can you shoot me some bread?
by n1gjohn March 10, 2013
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A phrase said when one wants death.
Person A: Hey, did you remember that we have a test today?
Person B: Oh God, shoot me now.
by September 19, 2017
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What someone says, sarcastically, when they are dreading something and wish to be put out of their misery before it happens.
I have to give a talk in class tomorrow - Just Shoot Me Now!

My In-laws are coming over for dinner tonight - Please Just Shoot Me Now!
by MiTuCents January 20, 2012
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An utterance of defeated frustration and exasperation. Often used in overly one-sided argument by someone who is too tired to fight, or is in a hopeless bind.
Look, I KNOW the horse is out the gate, I left it open, he's gone. I KNOW. I'm gonna go look for him... why you still beating on me? Get it over with and just shoot me already. Christ on a bike.
by ephemerae December 9, 2004
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When you remember that you need to do something you don't want to do
Person 1: Did you call the doctor yet mate?
Person 2: Crickey, just shoot me with a stick
by alla gomma October 27, 2019
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