To be ignored by whom you are speaking too
yo whats up man
(B L A N K E D)
by LÉ MáC February 19, 2004
A counter-culture person or group of people who live without any official numbers or documentation for the sake of privacy.

A person who refuses 21st century technology tracking and other identity filing-stealing systems that normal folk use in daily life. This person wants to live a life that is as hidden (blank) from existance as possible.

The 'blank' wants no attention from 'Big Brother,' 'the establishment,' 'the man,' 'the system,' or whatever global totalitarian watchdog in which you believe.

This person refuses to: use credit cards, use internet identity systems, vote, and probably keeps only a PO Box. Blanks might refuse to pay taxes, hiding from IRS, FBI, and only does business in cash. Blanks rely on pre-computer business methods and probably own lots of books instead of being wired in like everyone else.

According to the Max Headroom TV series cyberpunk universe (1987–1988): A blank is a citizen not indexed in anyone's database. (wikipedia)
"The Blanks" (1987) is also an episode of the series.

Don't confuse this group with illegal aliens, criminal sleeper cells, or gangs that are also outcasts from normal society. Blanks just can't stand the hypocracy of society and the control it has over most people, and they won't jump through the hoops and give away their freedoms like the rest of us sheep.
After a solid college education, Jacob gave up the prospect of being a corporate suit. Instead, he made money off the stock market, vacationed in any country he chose, paid everything in cash, didn't own a car, and carried his life in a backpack. He wan't a bum. He was a "blank," and he liked it that way.
by Laniidae June 22, 2010
Non-perscription glasses generally worn as an accessory (not for safety). These glasses are part of ones style and generally are considered hip and progressive in modern fashion. Blanks can be found most frequently in artsy, hip, or up and coming areas such as Brooklyn, Portland, Los Angeles, Detroit and Austin.
"I like Kyle's new glasses, but does he even need them?"
"No, they're not prescription, he's just rocking some new blanks."
"Oh wow, he's so hip."

"I've always liked the way I look with glasses, but I don't have a reason to wear them."
"Who cares, get blanks, it totally fits with your style."

"Bro, did you get glasses?"
"Naw man, they're not real, just wearing them for steez and the ladies like them. I mean Russell Westbrook is rockin' 'em playa."
"Haha dawg I can't believe you're wearing blanks."
by KevinChazbroClark June 4, 2015
To draw a blank; not being able to draw the information needed; the act of having writers block
Wow, I can't think of anything to post in my blog!
I'm blanking!
by Xane December 4, 2005
1. What a man that has undertaken a vascectomy edjaculates (the concept that what he fires is useless)
After his vasectomy, tony could no longer fire live rounds, he could only fire blanks.
by t0m_s_1 April 25, 2007
A person who is always there
all the time,
NEVER LEAVING and is the reason people talk to themselves, but there not talking to themselves, there taling to the awesomeness that is blankness
Blankness and me are going out for coffee, wanna come?
but no one is-
by Amanda Akahana June 17, 2011
they wanted a baby, but all he could do was shoot blanks due to all the years of snorting coke
by becky February 25, 2004