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In education, a quiz that is worth more than a standard quiz, but not worth as much as a test.

word origin: I was trying to say "quiz" but was thinking "test" in my head, and the responding word was "qwez".
Jesse: "I have a qwez tomorrow."
Wayne: "Qwez? Qwez? That is the gayest word I've ever heard"
by Cds April 20, 2006
Nick name given to rednecks or country bumpkins that play Magic the Gathering. Usually outside on their rickety front porch playing on buckets.
Hey Nabe, let's play some bucket spells. dengalenglinglinngaa
by Cds September 13, 2004
adj. Anything that is really good, awesome, or just plain nice.
That car gets me h0ge!
by Cds February 18, 2003
nickname for alcohol.

Word origin is when Jesse Zeller was at a party in which he drunkenly blurted out, "All You Need Is The Ground". Soon after that, people at that party started calling alcohol, the ground.
Jesse: COLE!!!!
Cole: what?!
Jesse: All you need is the ground
by Cds September 24, 2004
Everyone in the tournament is a bunch of scrubs
he sucks, she sucks, gengar power! I'm winning this pokemon tournament.
by Cds October 18, 2007
On the Universal Studios mug, someone decided it was necessary to put the word GHOSTBUSTERS! after camera instead of Action! And it pisses me off.
Lights, Camera, Ghostbusters! Jaws, King Kong, Nickelodeon Studios, Earthquake, Action
by Cds January 18, 2004