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In education, a quiz that is worth more than a standard quiz, but not worth as much as a test.

word origin: I was trying to say "quiz" but was thinking "test" in my head, and the responding word was "qwez".
Jesse: "I have a qwez tomorrow."
Wayne: "Qwez? Qwez? That is the gayest word I've ever heard"
by Cds April 20, 2006
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Nick name given to rednecks or country bumpkins that play Magic the Gathering. Usually outside on their rickety front porch playing on buckets.
Hey Nabe, let's play some bucket spells. dengalenglinglinngaa
by Cds September 13, 2004
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A line from the song Money for Nothing by Dire Straits. Used by Cole Hutto
money for nothing and your chicks for free
by Cds January 18, 2004
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nickname for marijuana.

Spin off of the ground
The opposite of the ground is the air. Marijuana.
by Cds September 24, 2004
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The act of slamming your hands on the table scaring everyone and scatting everything on the table to random places across the world. I still can't find my FA.
Cole Hutto smashed the table and the cards went everywhere BOOMSTICK!!!!
by Cds January 18, 2004
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In poker, usually, it is when you lose a hand that seemed like it was going to win to a person who got extremely lucky.

Usually followed by a very pointless bad beat story
The biggest bad beat I can remember is when I had pocket queens and the flop was:

Q44. The other guy had KJ and caught two runner Kings for the higher full house.

I was 99.4% favored to win the pot.
by Cds April 18, 2005
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