Blank is that person that makes you smile, and throws you out the window with Nova, and loves Micha.
"Blank stfu ilybb"
by KermKerm October 3, 2018
A person who was born without a face. Usually they are very aggressive and not to be trusted with heavy machinery. They lost the battle of the faces and the blanks to a banana.
I almost got mugged by two blanks who were on the end of their rope.
someone who is not well known on a chat program called Paltalk.
person445: Hello Everyone.
Awesome Man12: look at this blank!
by fjngjasdfmsd May 28, 2009

by Xboxophobia December 31, 2011
A pronoun that replaces a person that you like and can't have. Used when you want to talk about said person without naming names.
"I totally saw my blank look my way today in class."
by SGMonje April 9, 2007
The purposeful or accidental act of not acknowledging someone when they are trying very hard to get your attention.
Keith: Dan! Dan! Hey Dan! DAN!

Dan: ...

Keith: Dan! Dan!

Jones: He is so blanking you.
by gabe121212 January 30, 2008